Thursday, June 16, 2011

Adding A Contrasting Band To A Sleeve

We are having such an extra hot summer that many days all Christian needs is a little shirt with his diaper. The ecru and pale blue Imperial Batiste give this shirt a vintage look that I love. I felt like the blue fabric was needed some place besides the neckband, so I decided to add a band to the sleeves as well.
I cut off the sleeve along the Fold Line that is indicated on the pattern. A piece of fabric the length of the sleeve (you can see in the picture that I do few things exact) and 1" wide. Using a 1/4" seam allowance, the band was then stitched to the sleeve. The side seams of the shirt were then stitched and trimmed. Turning under 1/4" of the raw edge, the band was then slip stitched on the wrong side of the sleeve. * This is the same technique used in the pattern for the neckband.
Of course the shirt looks its' very best when on the baby! Our little guy is 1 month old today. How did that happen?

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ShirleyC said...

He is darling!
I've used that technique when making baby clothes. I sort of miss those days.


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