Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

We made an interesting observation in the family this year.... I am the only one who likes Valentine's Day! How did that happen? What about all those years that I bought little boxes of candy and cards for everyone and even cooked a special dinner for the family when is was too much trouble for Rex and I to go out? As soon as Valentine's stuff appears in the stores I get excited. What is not to like about cards and candy! Rex finally confessed one year that it all seemed a little "forced" to him. Oh well, he is a guy, until Anna said the exact thing last week! We then took a survey and I am all alone in my love for the holiday. I'll just remember THAT this year when I do my shopping!

So, to prove that there are still true romantics in the world, the picture is of what use to be a chain link fence at Seoul Tower in South Korea. It is covered by "Love Locks" and are placed there by couples with what I would like to assume is a romantic inscription since I can't read Korean. The fence was so covered, that you couldn't really see the view of Seoul after we had spent an hour walking up the side of the mountain.
The first time I saw a picture of "Love Locks" was from Daniel's trip to the Ukraine. There they cover the fence along the top of a bridge. Supposedly one couple will randomly place a lock on a fence and before you know it the fence is covered up. Young people in love.....what can you say.

And if you are worried that I will be left out on my favorite holiday, don't be. I have trained him well. :)

Valentine's Day, do you love it or tolerate it?


Elisabeth Rose said...

I love Valentine's day because it is a nice low-stress holiday. After all the expectations, decorating, shopping, and cooking for the big holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas), Valentine's Day is a nice break. You can have a nice meal, a little chocolate, and appreciate the ones you love!

Dawn said...

Love it! Always have....

Jan M said...

I believe the reason I love Valentine's Day is due to all the childhood memories. It was a day that everyone in the class received a Valentine. There could be no favorites in the celebration, as there were with birthday parties or other celebrations. It was also a holiday that both my parents seemed to enjoy and always celebrated together and with us. I think it is those memories that make it special for me. Happy Valentine's Day to you, and thank you for sharing the photographs and meaning behind them!

Jeannie B. said...

Well, I love Valentines day just because I love pretty hearts. In any shape or form. Ruffly paper hearts. Chocolate Cake hearts. Cookie hearts. Construction paper hearts, Candy hearts...well you get my drift. It seems like such a happy thing what's not to like? hmm does that make me shallow? oh well.

DawnB said...

I don't love or hate, just don't celebrate it. We never celebrated it in England, I don't know if they do now. My first experience was when my girls started school. I don't remember ever getting a valentine card, I did get a box of See's truffles from my DDs today.


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