Thursday, December 9, 2010

Is It Really Christmas?

This might be the first time in 33 years that Rex and I have not put up a Christmas tree! I say "might" because we really can't remember that far back, and have a sneaking suspicion that we skipped the year when I was 2 weeks late with baby #2 and had an active 2 year old in the house. This year Rex hurt his back the weekend designated for decorating (he is all better now) and I am too chicken to get up in the attic. I did get desperate and managed to get far enough up the steps that I could reach one box of ornaments while Rex held on to my ankle. I'm not sure what the ankle holding did except insure that if I fell it would be on him, but it did make me fill more secure. So the house is all decorated and it looks like Christmas except for the tree.

Besides, we have more important things to do like kiss on these! We are on our way tomorrow to visit baby Emma for the first time! With excitement like that, who needs a Christmas tree?


*Don't forget the December sale!


Martha said...

How exciting. Enjoy kissing those baby toes.

Smocking with Gwen said...

I'm so excited for you!!! I know your Miss Emma will be as much fun as ours. Miss those little froggy legs.


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