Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Garment Size Tags

I had been on the lookout for garment size tags and finally found some at "Beth's Heirlooms!" I'm sure that the mommies will be happy that I can now stitch a real tag into a side seam. Beth did not have any Newborn tags available, so Emma's mommy knows that if it is tag less it is for now!

At a month old, Emma is just about ready for a newborn size. Emma's daddy skipped that size!



Aunt Honey said...

Just to give you another source, I get all my size labels at Charm Woven Labels.

creationsbymichie.com said...

Thank you for that information.

Sally said...

I purchased them by the 1,000's should you need more. I found someone in NY who "let" me purchase their old inventory. Let me know if there is a size that you need.


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