Sunday, June 27, 2010

Button Storage

Small ziplock bags are doing the job for me right now. I was standing in the check out line at Hobby Lobby when I spied them. 100 little bags for $1.99! When I am feeling the need to be super organized, I use a large safety pin and pin bags with similar colored buttons together. I have one small drawer for "most likely to be used" buttons and separate drawer for "if I ever need an odd button."

Do you have a neat way for storing buttons that you would like to share?



DawnB said...

I use watchmaker's tins, my daughter had them for beads and then changed her storage system and gave them to me. I have the small size and they hold lots of little buttons. I really like the see through lids. My larger buttons I store in a small plastic drawer container.,43326&p=44948

Robin Hart said...

I used glass spice jars from Ikea. They look pretty lined up and hold a lot of buttons. I also have a few ball jars that came from my grandmother that hold small zip bags like you have yours in as well. I do not have my organized really well in that I do not know how many buttons I have, but they are fun to look at.


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