Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Girl Road Trip

Anna and I will be traveling to Tulsa, OK this week! We will be meeting Sylvia from "Sylvia's Delicate Stitches" and a group of ladies for two days of classes!

Friday, will be the "Bias Bound Baby Daygown" class, which is an adaption of pattern #128. The ladies will construct the gown, sew on the bias binding and work on the embroidery in class.
The second day, will be the "Beginning Heirloom Sewing" class. The ladies will either choose from this variation of pattern #126 for a boy's bubble or #127 if they had rather make a dress.

They will learn hints for making tiny tucks and lace shaping.

Gathering lace to entredeux, stitching entredeux to fabric, and several other heirloom techniques.

They will also learn several embroidery stitches to add a touch of elegance to their outfits.
This is the longest road trip that Anna and I have taken by ourselves and we are both pretty excited about the 9 hour drive!!! But, we can't think of anything that could come up that we can't handle and we are really excited about the adventure and spending several days together! I will be sure to take class pictures and let you know how the road trip goes.

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