Saturday, May 1, 2010

Embroidery Hoops

I'm going to take time today to answer a few embroidery hoop questions. There are many good hoops on the market and ultimately, you need to use what works best for you! The red plastic hoop pictured above is one that I have used for several years and is one of my favorites. It is a 4" hoop and tightens with a screw. When hooping the fabric, you want it to be smooth, not stretched! I also like the same style hoop in the wooden version. I have several sizes, but seem to use this one the most.

This wooden "hands free" hoop from Wendy Schoen Designs is my all time favorite. It is designed for the flat base to tuck under you leg while you stitch, so that both hands are free. It is fantastic for stitches such as bullions and works great when I am demonstrating for a class. If you are ever stitching and wishing you had an extra hand, this is the hoop for you! It is good quality and the hoop unscrews from the base, so it is easy to pack when I travel. I have wrapped the base part of the hoop in muslin to protect my fabric.

*Embroidery Tip: Always unhoop your embroidery when you lay it down to go do something else! We always think we will get right back to stitching, but many times it may be days before you can pick it up again. Leaving your fabric in the hoop for an extended period of time will sometimes stretch the fabric.


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