Monday, November 9, 2009

Saturday Sewing

Daughter and I, were finally able to get together and do some sewing for her! We were able to meet earlier in the week and decide on patterns and fabrics, so once it was time to sew, everything was cut out and ready to go. Two skirts were quickly completed and then we moved on to the dress. Because the dress was a fairly complicated pattern, I took the time to make a mock-up version out of muslin and fit it to the dress form. It is a time consuming step, but worth the effort. Once we were happy with the fit of the muslin version, we were able to move on to the dress with the confidence that it would fit when completed!

She picked out a light weight suiting fabric and the pattern was Simplicity "Project Runway" pattern #2550. It was one of the best fitting patterns and had the best directions that I have seen in quite awhile!

Our "tag team" sewing consists of one of us sewing while the other reads the instructions, cleans up, rips out mistakes, and tells funny stories. We also played with my new camera, and watched funny videos on Youtube! When the one doing the sewing starts making mistakes or whining, we trade places.

She was thrilled with the dress and it was a perfect fit! Is it my turn next?

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Quinton, Allison, Samuel, and Daniel said...

I love the two dresses I have made from project Runway patterns, they do fit beautifully!


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