Saturday, November 21, 2009

Button Rescue Project.

Do you save buttons? In my family, we can trace the, "Can't throw away a perfectly good button" impulse back to the invention of the button! All of the women in the family, had a small box or jar of odd buttons with their sewing supplies. These buttons were ready and waiting for a "button emergency" when the perfect button would step forward from the collection and save the day! I am proud to say that I have carried on the tradition of saving buttons. As busy as I am, with available money to buy buttons, with a button company offering me FREE buttons for my sample garments, I still could not throw away this old work shirt without rescuing the buttons. I took the time to snip off each button while I thought about what future life they may have, and then strung them on a thread before dropping them in my button box. Yes, it took a little time, but sometimes slowing down for these little projects reminds me of how fortunate we are to live where small things like buttons are readily available. And besides, I bet those buttons are worth at least $2!

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AdronsCatherine said...

You know, I have just recently decided that some things would be better off being thrown out, minus the buttons, rather than sent to Goodwill. While I think it's fabulous to help other people, buttons are truly treasured in my home.

The joy on my kids faces as they are playing with my buttons totally makes it worth the few minutes time! They don't care if all the buttons are pretty - they love to pick through and find their favorites. The basic, boring buttons just add to the hunt, and feel nice running between their fingers <3 Even my 2 big girls (14 and 11) still will stick their fingers in the button cups when they come in to talk to me while I'm sewing =) I am so blessed!


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