Monday, June 15, 2009


With the last of the four kids moving out last year, my husband and I decided to downsize. After much discussion, thought, and prayer, we put the big house with the big yard on the market. We were then scrambling to find a house when it sold in 6 weeks instead of the predicted 6 months! The perfect house was available at the right time and suddenly we were moving the first of May. It felt odd picking out a house that only had to suit us, along with being alone for the first time in 31 years! Our new house is half the size of the old and the yard is tiny. We spent months deciding what we really wanted to keep and gave away or donated a ton of stuff. The kids came and cleaned out their things and since we have never been attached to "things" the process was very freeing. My work area is slightly smaller so I am still experimenting with the most efficient layout for it. Once again my husband was greeted at the door with, "Hey, I have a new idea for the sewing room!" I know he will be glad when I make up my mind! He commented one day that the oddest thing about being alone after all these years, is that every time he hears my voice, he knows that I am talking to him.

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