Monday, July 28, 2014

The Purpose Of Rick Rack

Rick rack is inexpensive and wonderful when used as a trim to add  detail to a garment.  But if you are a woman of a certain age, you might have grown up thinking that it's main purpose was for hiding the crease made by an old hem line.  Fabric is more color fast now and tends not to fade along a hem as it once did, but this particular fabric just didn't want to give up the crease that had been repeatedly ironed in.  Once again, rick rack to the rescue!



Goosegirl said...

Heehee!! Ok so that is one purpose of rick rack. But happiness is my reason for rick rack. I love love love it! My husband once challenged me to make a dress entirely of rick rack. I have not yet taken him up on that one. But in the Tim Burton version of "Alice In Wonderland", Alice wears a traveling skirt made up entirely of rick rack in the final scene of the film. Be still my heart! I loved it! what will I add rick rack today. :-)

snail_mail said...

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