Friday, June 13, 2014

A Few Years Back...

A few years back, 36 to be exact, we welcomed a 9 lb. baby boy into the world.  We were really young, but we figured it all out as we went along.  Not having a second car, and a husband who worked all day and took college classes at night, there was always more time than money.  Not long before the baby arrived my brother-in-law surprised me with a sewing machine that he had bought for $7.00 at an auction.  Yes, that is right....$7.00!  Never mind that it was about 30 years old at the time or that it only did a straight stitch, I could now make curtains and other things for the house and our new baby.  When I was desperate for a zigzag stitch or buttonholes, we visited grandma's sewing machine. 

Just a reminder that we don't have to start with the biggest or best. 



Esther Conrad Grant said...

Wonderful story. It is good to remember humble beginnings and what a great inspiration you are to so many of us, with all you have accomplished over the years. Thank you!

Marie chavez said...

What a great story!

dlogan said...

Michie, I just love this story. You are so right, we tend to forget that creating beautiful sewn clothing really doesn't take that much technology! So happy you still have the machine too:) Darby Logan


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