Thursday, May 1, 2014

The View

Being a visual person, I find it hard to stare at a blank wall while ironing.  The old window frame, string, paper clips, and photos.  Just what the room needed!



Arlene G said...

I ususally listent to J Vernon McGee's Through the Bible on my ipad while I iron!! However, pictures of my children and grandchildren keep me company as I do my ironing.

TerriSue said...

When I am doing my ironing for the week, which I do on Tuesday of course, I will usually set the ironing board up in front of the TV and watch an old movie. I like them from the 30's and 40's. If I am sewing at my machine I made a pressing board by getting a wood TV table on wheels that I covered as you would an ironing board. I keep it next to my machine so that as I finish a seam I can just turn in my chair and press the seam. It means a lot less up and down. When I am finished with a project I take it to the ironing board for a final complete ironing. When I am at my sewing machine I have a large window to look out of. Never ending change of birds and squirrels on a huge Oak right in front of the window. I got that instead of a window over my kitchen sink that I had always wanted. Your view is really nice also.

MLM247 said...

And to think that I usually watch a television program while I iron!
But your art on the wall is very appealing.

Unknown said...

Which pattern did you use to make that cute dress that is on the ironing board? Love it!


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