Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Sunday Drive

We are staying close to home these days as Rex recovers from a mild stroke, but the weather is much too lovely to stay inside.  We have made it our goal to rediscover our area. Our roots run deep in North Alabama.  My family moved back to the area in 1972, while both sides of Rex's family have been in the same town for over 150 years.  I never get tired of the family stories that he tells on our drives. 

A Sunday afternoon drive was just what we needed to appreciate God's creation.



Arlene G said...

Haven't the trees just exploded with color in the last week or so? I was beginning to think they would never change then BOOM. Marvin and I have the same goal, to visit places here in Alabama. My next stop is Vulcan Park. I have always wanted to see him up close!!

Mosaic Magpie said...

My husband's family is from Northeast is beautiful there.

Jan M said...

Looks like a wonderful Sunday drive! I grew up driving past similar cotton fields in Texas. Amazing when you view the humble beginning of what might become a piece of wonderful fabric! Prayers and praises for Rex's continued recovery.


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