Thursday, September 26, 2013

Piping A Pointed Collar

Yes, you can sew piping to a pointed collar and it is incredibly easy!

Pin the piping to the right side of the collar along the seam line.  Measure to determine exactly where the piping will turn the corner and mark the collar with a wash-away marker.  Clip the piping fabric at the point where it will turn the corner and  around the curve.  Stitch close to the piping using a zipper foot or a pin tuck foot.  *I find that it is much easier to stop and start again at the corner instead of pivoting the needle.  You can now complete the collar following the pattern instructions.


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TerriSue said...

Thank you for this tutorial. My 7 year old granddaughter tends to go for the patterns with pointed collars. She is not the dainty little feminine thing her mother was and had definite ideas on what she will wear. If I don't allow her to pick the pattern it won't get worn no matter how much work grandmama has put into it. with your help I can still add those special little touches.


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