Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bold Bright Prints?

I made a quick trip to the mall the other day to pick up a birthday gift and took a few minutes to walk through the children's department of one of the major department stores.  Plenty of cute clothes for little girls, but as I flipped through the racks I became a little overwhelmed with the bright loud prints and embellishments.  I love fun prints and bright colors, but I still prefer to see the child, not the outfit.



Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Some of the prints overwhelm a small body.

Dawn said...

I totally agree!

Emily said...

My sentiments exactly! Although, I feel a little dated when I say it because it's not the feelings/style of my peers. Thank goodness for fabric stores! ;)

Unknown said...

I agree! And now it seems that it's not only one loud print on an outfit, but 10 different ones sewn together! Too much! I'll stick to sewing with the softer heirloom colors!


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