Monday, June 24, 2013

A One Piece-Bubble With A Two-Piece Look

 #107 Banded Bubble

I was working on this illustration of pattern #107, when Sharon sent me a link to her blog showing her little guy wearing the same outfit!

Pattern #107 is a one-piece bubble with a two-piece look.  Dressy for special occasions, but roomy enough to crawl and roll around in.

As this little guy from demonstrates for us!  



Karen said...

That is a beautiful pattern and it looks adorable on that little boy!

agnès said...

Tout mignon!

Jennifer said...

Love! I made it for my sweet boy's first birthday! He will be 8 in August! Your baby and toddler boy patterns are still my favorites!!!!

Sharon said...

Thank you! It's my favorite dressy outfit for him, he can get around so well in it and he looks so cute in it.


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