Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Birthday Jon-Jon

Happiness might just be having your DMC floss all neatly organized in it's box.  I have a two boxes numbered, and ready for any embroidery or smocking that might come my way.

Happiness for Patrice, was getting to smock and stitch up a special Jon-Jon for her grandson's birthday.  Not only was he handsome, the Jon-Jon will be comfortable for summer and will continue into Fall with a tee shirt underneath.  Click here for more of the Jon-Jon's details.



Patrice said...

Glad you like the choo-choo, Michie'! You might be inspiring me to sit and wrap all of my floss around the little cardboard holders. Hmmm...that is a LOT of wrapping. Maybe if I did it in stages...I like that you can see all the colors easily that way. It looks so pretty that way!!!

Arlene G said...

Miche, I have you beat!! I have Three Boxes of Floss!!! Happy Stitching!


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