Saturday, August 1, 2009

Martha Pullen School

Once again, I had the privilege to be a teacher and assistant at Martha Pullen's School of Art and Fashion! I taught "Beginning Heirloom Embroidery", "Shadow Embroidered Bubble", and "Picture Smocking" classes the first of the week and then finished the week assisting in one of the beginning heirloom sewing classes. I love the opportunity to teach sewing to women from all over the country, meet up with friends from previous schools and make new friends who also have a passion for sewing! It is also a great way to see new fabrics and to get inspiration for the next project.

The picture for this blog is of the project that we did in the embroidery class. The embroidery was done on a tea towel using the 16 basic stitches that I teach from my book. Monograms are still popular and everyone enjoyed a design with such a variety of stitches and color possibilities. I purchase the towels at and have found that they make a great gift along with a gift card for the new brides!

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Anonymous said...

MichiƩ, thanks so much for the instruction. I really enjoyed the class and gained a lot of confidence in my shadow embroidery. You're a great teacher.


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