Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Planning for Easter

Although it still feels like winter outside, it is time to start planning your Easter sewing! The planning can be as much fun as the actual sewing and can almost take as much time, so don't delay. Only one year did I get into a big time crunch as a new mother and was putting on the buttons the night before. I vowed that would not happen again. Experience also teaches us that life can suddenly get very busy, so after that I tried to have all outfits finished several weeks ahead of time! I will update the blog for the next few weeks with ideas for Easter outfits to help you get your imaginations going. Lets start thinking bunnies, Easter egg hunts, warmer weather and flowers!

This first outfit is one that I just completed this week. It is pattern #102 Pleated Bubble and is one of my most popular patterns. Because it is such a simple pattern and goes together quickly, I often use it while teaching classes. The outfit is made from blue and white linen and is embellished with a silk ribbon bunny. The bunny was stitched with 7mm white silk ribbon and literally took about 10 minutes to complete! The bunny's body was made with five straight stitches and his head with three. His ears are made with a lazy dasy stitch and his tail is a twice wrapped French knot. I think of bunnies as simple and sweet and so is this outfit!

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