Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Heirloom Baby Apron

What a thrill it was to see this sweet Baby Apron#122 in the newest Creative Needle Magazine! The process from an idea to appearing a magazine can be a long journey. I stumbled up on an similar antique dress several years ago at a local antique store. The dress was white, in very good condition, and was priced at just $8.00! It appears to be from the late 5o's, when these little dresses were readily available for about $2.00. I was so intrigued by the tiny embroidery and the simple application of the Madeira hem, that it had to come home with me so that I could try the techniques! After it hung in my sewing room for about a year, I knew that it couldn't be put off any longer. I love the challenge of making a garment from remnants. I call those my "free" projects. I barely had enough ecru Swiss Nelona for the dress and a scrap of pale blue for the collar and sleeve binding. It only took a little lace for the collar and the right shade of embroidery thread. I knew this would be fun, but also knew that when working with remnants there is no room for error! Handwork is my favorite, so I really enjoyed every moment of the project.

After completing the dress and submitting it to the magazine the wait begins. The staff at Creative Needle is kind enough to let me know right away when something has been accepted and which issue they plan on it appearing in. I'm then given a deadline to send in the garment, descriptions, and instructions. There is about a 6 month time frame from submission to having the magazine in hand, so when the garment appears in the magazine it is almost like seeing the garment again for the first time! My first reaction when I opened the magazine was, "Isn't that the cutest baby you have EVER seen" and "Wow, the dress photographed great!"

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