Saturday, March 5, 2011

Baby Quilt #2

I started a quilt for baby Emma as soon as we found out that she was on the way. Since I hand quilt, I had to work at it pretty diligently, and of course loved every minute of the process. While working on Emma's quilt I was also aware that I would be starting the quilt for Anna's baby right away. Anna also assured me that if I did not have a quilt ready for her baby, that she would not let me forget it! :)

Well, here it is! Totally completed, and Anna still has 2 months to go! You might notice that Anna's quilt is very similar to Emma's. Quilting is the one thing that I try to keep super simple. I hand embroidered the sheep, pieced the quilt on the sewing machine, and then quilted by hand. I managed to cope with a whole lot of football this year, by having the quilts to work on! The quilts were not made to match the nurseries, and good thing, since Anna changed her mind about the bedding after the quilt was started. The quilt also has some fabric left over from Emma's quilt and scraps from a quilt that I made Anna when she was about 2 years old.

I've never made two quilts that close together before! Isn't that how things go? You wait for grand babies and then they come 6 months apart!



Laurie said...

It's pretty neat that both of the grandbaby quilts will share some of the same fabric. When they are older (probably much older) they may find it a bond to know they share these fabrics as part of Grandma's love.

Very cute!

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

These are just beautiful! I hope you put a special label on them - I always forget to do this. I love the embroidery and the scrappy look of the fabrics.

Jan M said...

Both quilts are sweet, but the best part is all the love in each and every stitch! Emma and her cousin will treasure them forever.


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