Friday, October 22, 2010

The Baby Quilt is Finished!

The baby quilt is finished 3 weeks before the due date! Miracles do still happen! I bought the fabric the week that they announced that they were applying for adoption. I picked out fabric that would work for a boy or a girl and went ahead and started on the embroidered squares. Piecing is not my favorite part, so I set up the card table in the den and put the sewing machine on it one Saturday and sewed while we watched old movies.

I felt like I was getting over anxious when I went ahead and started on the hand quilting and it was 100 degrees outside, but Rex encouraged me to go ahead and start, "Because you never know what could happen!" About halfway through the quilting process they called to tell us that they had a match for a baby, so I picked up speed. Rex loves when I have a quilt to work on. He remembers his Mom quilting when he was very little and he knows that I can stand to sit through ballgames if I have handwork! I loved every minute that I worked on it and will never forget how special it was to make a quilt for the first grand baby. As chance would have it, I was ready to attach the binding the day that they called to tell us that the due date had been moved up 3 weeks.

November 9th can't get here soon enough and I'm glad that I had the nerve to use some girl colors!



Jeannie B. said...

Michie', what a wonderful memory you will have of waiting for this baby. And such a cute quilt. Your post makes me want to start on one!

Elisabeth Rose said...

Beautiful quilt! Sewing while waiting for a baby is so nice- it really heightens the anticipation. I look forward to hearing your good news on the Grandbaby's birth!

CK said...

That is beautiful! What fun choices of fabric too.


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