Tuesday, March 1, 2011

#127 Details

A little tutorial here on applying the lace and neck band to pattern #127.

Following the pattern instructions, the lace is gathered, pinned, and stitched around the neck opening, a little less than 5/8" from the raw edge.

With the right sides together, the neck band is placed on top of the lace and stitched in place using a 5/8" seam.

I then like to use a zigzag stitch with a width of 3.5 and a length of 1.8 and stitch close to the first stitching. The excess fabric is then trimmed away using the zigzag stitch as a guide line.

The raw edge of the neck band is then trimmed if necessary and it is turned under and slip stitched in place by hand.

Most of us creative people are VERY visual, so I am sure there are several of you who now have a clearer understanding of the pattern instructions! :)


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