Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Burst of Color

I REALLY do like to see how your sewing projects are turning out!

Lynette Marxuach, from Puerto Rico, emailed pictures of two lovely bishop dresses that she has completed. Both dresses were made using pattern #135.

This bishop, is made from a beautiful blue print. Lynette, smocked the dress using one of the free smocking designs on the blog. I love her choice of floss colors!

Also, made from a blue print fabric, Lynette, smocked this bishop with a different smocking design from the blog. Her choice of colors picks up the green as well as the blue in the print, and she added a few more rows of smocking for more coverage. Great job Lynette!

* Family update: No, I have not got to hug his neck yet! My husband is going early tomorrow to Camp Shelby to pick him up. It is 10 hours round trip, and will involve loading all of his stuff in the car and visiting a gun shop, so I decided to let this be a "guy" trip. :) I have also learned from experience, that is best to let them get their stories (good and bad) out of the way without having to censor them for mom!


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