Friday, March 26, 2010

Diaper Cover Details Part 3

Here is a quick look at constructing the diaper cover from pattern #109. Pin and stitch the diaper cover to the lining, leaving the top open. Trim the seam, clip the curves, and turn the cover right side out. Press.

Measure and mark the elastic casing at the leg openings, and stitch according to the pattern directions.

Using a small safety pin, run the elastic through the leg casings, stitching at both ends.

*You will need to run your hand between the cover and lining for this step. Secure both ends of the elastic with a pin until you are ready to stitch.

Secure the elastic by straight stitching over both ends. Be sure to back stitch!

And, here is how it looks! :)

Following the pattern directions, fold down the back top along the fold line, turn under 1/4", and stitch close to the fold line. Run the elastic through the casing and stitch at both ends.

Complete the diaper cover, by stitching the button holes and attaching the buttons. Once you have made your first diaper cover, you will never hesitate again!
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Anonymous said...

wish you would make a slip pattern to go with these sweet dresses.


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