Monday, January 7, 2013

The Snap Tape Hint

It feels as if I have sew yards and yards of snap tape the past few weeks.  Wait!  With both kids liking the comfort of overalls, I actually have been.  :)

I hate the way the presser foot jumps as it approaches the snaps.  The best thing that I have come up with is to pin next to each and every snap and not take the pin out until the needle is extremely close to it.  Once I get to the end of the snap tape and head up the other side, I take time to pin once again. It makes a huge difference and saves a lot of frustration.

Here is a peek at my "Save those thrift store overalls" project.  We found them at the thrift store, cute as could be, only a couple of dollars, but after getting them home we discovered that they would not stay snapped.  Anna immediately rejected my idea of sewing up the legs, so I had to come up with something else.  I cut off the fabric where the snaps were attached and made a new binding out of contrasting fabric and stitched on snap tape.  Maybe not a new fashion statement, but I doubt the little guy will mind while pushing his cars around.  



Arlene G said...

Well as a Nana, I prefer sewn up pants even on a toddler. For my boys it was easier to stuff their legs in and pull them up than to try to snap those things on a wiggly one!! That is a good tip for snap tape, if I were still sewing, I would be using it!!

KathyD said...

Your grandson is so cute! He always looks adorable in your creations. :)

Another option to keep your snap tape from jumping would be to glue baste it in place. While you do have to wait for the glue to dry, once it's dry, nothing moves. The water soluble glue is wonderful for these types of applications. I always hated putting those snaps in, but they are certainly needed for the toddlers.

Eileen said...

I always love a good tip for making things look neater and more finished! This is a great one (and we got to see another picture of that handsome guy of yours:)

DangAndBlast! said...

Just found your blog after buying a few of your patterns - you've got the best things for baby boys! (Have a girl, but my sister's having a boy in a few weeks.) I have a question about snap tape - it always seems to pull at one edge, as though I'm asking it to go further along one side than the other (and, if applying it to a curve at the center crotch, I suppose I am). Not a problem with fabric much heavier than the snap tape (such as denim), but with lightweight cottons it's been enough of an issue for me to toss out one romper and decide to just apply sewn-on lightweight snaps for another after removing the snap tape. Do you have any tips for applying heavy-weight snap tape to light-weight fabric? Thanks!


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