Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Weather

Our Spring weather in Alabama changes quite dramatically from one day to the next. One day you might be out enjoying the day and the next you are.....

all huddled in the bathroom! I was really really hoping that we would not have severe weather while Tiffany and Emma were here for their visit, but with the trip scheduled for April, I didn't get my hopes up. They had been here less that a week when severe storms with possible tornadoes began to move in to the area. Anna and Jason had come over to visit and we were talking of supper plans when the weather got interesting. I explained to Tiffany that if the tornado sirens go off we take cover in safe spots in the house. The plan was, girls to the guest bathroom, and guys to the laundry room. (Both rooms are pretty much centrally located in the house and don't have windows.) Minutes later the sirens went off and by the time I looked away from the TV both girls had grabbed up their babies and were in the bathroom. Good thing that I don't need assistance, I was totally on my own. :) The tornado did not touch down in our area and Tiffany and Emma got to experience their first tornado drill!


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Jan M said...

Sudden storms are the worst part about Spring in the South. This year has been especially stormy. So glad your area and family were safe. Everyone looks pretty comfy!


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