Friday, April 1, 2011

A Closer Look

The pink dress in the previous blog turned out too pretty not to give you a closer look!
I had seen a dress in an antique store with a lace and embroidery design which inspired this sweet baby dress. A little lace shaping was required, then the lace was stitched down with a tiny zigzag stitch.
I chose to gather the lace edging just enough so that it would lie flat. Emma still needs to be the star attraction, not the dress.
And of course a little lace and embroidery were needed at the hem. Emma can't possibly be enjoying these dresses as much as I am enjoying making them for her!

* And what is new at our house? Baby Emma and Mommy come for their two week visit this weekend!!!!



Nicole said...

This is just beautiful! Are the two laces on the bodice attached together? I am working on something similar and this really helped me!

Michie' Mooney said...

The lace insertion was sewn down first and then the lace edging was sewn down slightly overlapping.

Sophia said...

This is simply gorgeous! Emma is very blessed to have such a talented grandmother!

Eileen said...

Love this sweet dress! Just what a baby dress should look like. I can't wait for your school in Huntsville this summer!


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