Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ready For A New Year

Instead of looking back at the past year, I am looking forward. This is what the first day of 2012 looked like at my house. Bright and sunny and turning much colder. With the slant of the winter sun and the fact that I took down the Christmas tree, I am seeing dust in all kinds of new places! So to start the new year I did a little straightening in the sewing room while Rex is getting his fill of football.

My inspiration board is now covered with new things to inspire me. A few pictures that I find here and there that help to get my imagination going and fabric scraps from my stash.

Fabric has been pulled out of boxes and put out on display. Fun prints on the left and solids on the right, stacked and tagged by fabric type.

Do you have something special that you do to start off the new year?



Sophia said...

I too am looking ahead to a new year. Lots of sewing inspiration-

Esther Conrad Grant said...

I love your idea of an Inspiration Board! I'm also very excited that I just received two of your patterns that I absolutely adore (Sunsuit/Sundress and Jon-Jon). Can't wait to use these for some Spring and Summer projects in the new year. Happy New Year to you Michie and thank you for sharing your amazing creativity.

Anonymous said...

I found your inspiration board inspiring!

Sally said...

I decided this year not to make any resolutions and just get the projects done. I think I intimidate myself when I make a list. See you in February.


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