Sunday, January 22, 2012

Picture Smocking On A Bishop

Can you Picture Smock on a bishop style dress? Yes, but you will need a smocking design that is suitable. The smocking design that I have used for this sweet ecru dress is "Baskets" by Ellen McCarn.
The design will need to have some variation of the trellis stitch on the bottom rows so that the dress will fan out across the shoulders. And the good news is that the "picture" part of the design, in this case the baskets, will usually be small and rather simple.

Don't you think that this dreary winter weather is perfect for smocking? :)


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Jan M said...

So sweet -- baby girl and bishop! I have always loved this plate. It is one of the few picture smocked items I have that my mother did. She loved and used it often, too.
I hope you just had dreary weather, and none of the storms that other parts of Alabama experienced.


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