Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Diaper Shirt and Short Part 4

It is finished! An easy pattern AND fun fabric, what a great combination. I am very please with how the embroidered frog added a little color and interest without being too much.

The very best part of this project......the e-mails that said, "That gave me a great idea for the pattern!" or "Now I know what to do with my frog fabric!" That is the whole purpose of this blog, to encourage you to sew.



Laurie said...

This is sooooo dang cute!!! I LOVE the idea of creating your own embroidery design from the fabric print!

clarianercf said...

I love it, Beautiful. The embroidery frog, from the same fabric was a very nice idea.


Jan M said...

Love it! I think all little boys need at least one froggie outfit!


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