Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Good Husband Will......

A good husband will go to Hancock's Fabrics with a list of patterns that you need really bad and it is too soon for you to be out. All I had to do was open the Sunday sale paper and say, "Oh my gosh! Simplicity patterns are on sale 5 for $5 today only!" His reply, "Make a list. It's not like I haven't pulled patterns for you before." Thanks to my daughter I was able to go to the Simplicity website and pick out my patterns and he was back home in less than an hour. Is that true love or what?

Yes, I am taking care not to do too much this week. Just a little computer work and a whole lot of laying on the couch. Thank you, for the knitting encouragement. I keep hearing, "Your gauge is really good." Not sure what that is, but apparently something that I should be striving for!



Jan M said...

What would we do without our good husbands? Glad to hear your recovery is continuing to go smoothly!

Cindy said...

Your husband is definitely a keeper!!! My husband sends me to Barb's to shop when he knows I've had a bad day.

I hope you keep feeling well!

Susan K said...

You'll be a great knitter and he'll be a great husband when you are good enough to buy tons of yarn and have him hold them for you to wrap into new balls of yarn!

Shannon said...

What a wonderful husband! If I sent mine out to buy patterns, he'd say, "What for? Don't you have enough already?" He just doesn't understand.


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