Friday, January 8, 2010

It Sometimes Takes a Village!

Thought I would let you know the end of the story. Yesterday, the new pattern was at the printers ready to be picked up. Unfortunately, the winter weather was moving in and they were an hour away! I needed those patterns no later than today so that I would have time to package them for wholesale market on Sunday. Today, they were delivered to my house by a member of the Alabama National Guard! Ok, he is my son-in-law, and he knew if he showed up at lunch time that I would feed him. As things worked out, he and our daughter live close to the printers in Huntsville and were able to pick them up yesterday. He then brought them to Decatur today where he has just started working at the National Guard Armory near our house. How is that for convenient? I think that those patterns are meant to go to market!

I will always be grateful to him for bringing the patterns, so that I didn't have to get out on questionable roads. And, hopefully, he will always be grateful, that we allowed him to marry our daughter!

Now, back to packaging the patterns...

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Hi Michie! I would to have this book i entered it to win but if I don't will you be selling them? I love smocking but my problem is stacking. I never took the stacking class because my husband was in hospital for along time. or my blog.


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