Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Sewing Room

I'm often asked, "Do you have an awesome sewing room?" I am always caught of guard by the question, because I think that if you have ANY place to sew, it is awesome! A small bedroom of our home, serves as my sewing room and office for the business. The size of the room can be a challenge, but since I don't like clutter around to distract me, it works out great.

One corner has the sewing machine, serger, and ironing board grouped together. A small cabinet in the corner is handy for laying supplies on while sewing and has great storage. The small bulletin board over the sewing machine is extremely useful for holding notions and pattern pieces!

The desk and computer are next to the sewing machine. There is a large bulletin board covered in fabric and a prefab shelving unit in the corner. My favorite thing in this area is the radio mounted under one of the cabinet shelves!

The prize for "Coolest thing in my sewing room" goes to the cutting table. We bought the cheapest prefab kitchen cabinet base that we could find and lay a cutting board on top. It is the perfect height and has fantastic storage underneath!

A double closet on the remaining wall holds the patterns ready for shipping, and there is another shelving unit next to it. There is not room for my drawing table, so it stays in the quest room until time for company.

And now you are wondering, "Is her sewing room always this clean?" Absolutely not! Creativity is messy!

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Sheila Courchaine said...

Wow - Nice and tiday sewing room - did you do (clean it up) for photo shoot or is it naturally tidy always???? I would hate for you to see my sewing room right now!!!! I just figured out how to leave comments. Have blessed Easter and may God be with you and your family during this special time. Big Hug, Sheila Courchaine


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