Saturday, September 5, 2009

The End of Summer

If Labor Day weekend signals the end of summer, I want to know, where did the summer go? The entire summer seemed to just fly by, but at the same time when I look at this picture taken at the beach in June, it seems light years ago! Our summer was spent getting settled after our move in May, painting the inside of my mother's and our house, teaching at Martha Pullen School, son deploying to Iraq, and general day to day stuff. In between all of that we managed to work in bike rides, evening walks, picnic and concerts on the river. Our vacation consisted of picking up the son who was leaving for Iraq and spending 4 days at the beach with him. It sounds like a good plan until you realize that both of these guys can spend 4 days at the beach and never get in the water! They did go to a "guy" movie and deep sea fishing and seemed to have a good time. But, once again I vowed never to go to the beach with just the guys!
Although the weather is still warm and the leaves have not begun to change, we are starting to see the little changes that signal Autumn. We are starting to have cooler nights and shorter days, and of course for those who care, college football has begun. I try to take advantage of all those ball games by doing some fun sewing projects on the weekends. Tonight we have plans to go to our daughter's house for the game and while the guys watch football we are going to sew! She is needing to make a diaper bag for a friend and we decided that it would be a fun project to do together. The guys are going to be wondering why we are encouraging them to watch so many games this year...
So, let's take advantage of the time we have to sew for a new season and remember how fast the time flies by. While talking to our son in China the other night he said, "Well, I'll see you in just 12 weeks." Twelve weeks? "Yes, the first of December." Yikes!

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