Monday, August 11, 2014

Fall Bishop


Deep Fall colors gave this bishop style dress a rich look. Choosing the floss colors was a bit of a challenge and after several false starts I remembered to follow my own advise and "take it outside." Natural light will show the true colors so that I could finally make a decision and stick to it! I wish that I had the smocking design to share, but I was feeling pretty free spirited at the time .... and just smocked.



Arlene G said...

Love that beautiful dress...fall colors are my favorite even if they do not look so great on me. A lot of my cross stitch is done in those colors! Just because I love the DMC browns, golds and oranges.

TerriSue said...

This is such a beautiful dress! I love the fabric, it has such a sweet design. I am still trying to dig out my sewing room. I was getting close when our son had to come back home to live with us and emptied my overflow that was in his room-guest room-and now his room again back into the sewing room. He did it when I wasn't available and just kind of dumped it in so I have no idea where anything is again, though I knew where everything was when it was in the guest room. Right now I am just knitting or tatting for my creative release. But oh I so want to sew!

Unknown said...

Love the colors, so rich and fallish! Just wish the weather matched the thoughts!

Lori R. said...

What a beautiful fall dress. I love the smocking colors you chose.

Diane Reese said...

I love the fabric you used on this beautiful dress. Where can I find this fabric or similar fabric?


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