Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Big Boy

Hard to believe that our boy is two years old today!  I am often asked how long I sew for the boys.  Most importantly is the fact that this is my grandson, and not my child, so I respect what the parents want.  So although I wasn't quite ready, I quit sewing for the boy several months ago.  Fortunately, I enjoy playing cars and trucks every bit as much as I enjoy sewing!


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TerriSue said...

My Seamus is going to be two in two months. It's been a joy watching Christian doing things, and then Seamus doing them soon after. I am still able to sew for Seamus and still getting by with some of your patterns, though daddy prefers the "big" boy patterns I've gotten from vintage pattern sites as the Big Four don't publish boy patterns anymore. I hope you all had a wonderful day. You deserve it. And you still have a little girl to sew for. Yea for little girls!


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