Thursday, October 11, 2012

Taking The Dare

Over the course of a couple weeks one too many people encouraged me to take Rex to the beach for a getaway.  I finally told Rex, "Mention it one more time and we are going."  So we did.  A beach trip doesn't seem like you would need a dare, but with his fair Irish completion and health issues, we were not sure how it would go.

Of course the big hesitation for both of us was that we have not traveled since his health has changed.  Not only would I be doing all of the driving, but how he feels can change suddenly and that is a lot trouble and money to sit in a condo.  And then as someone said, if you are going to sit in bored, why not do it at the beach?  Brilliant!  So off we went with back up plans of movies, reading, and hand sewing.  How was the trip?  Some days a challenge for both of us, but I had my attitude in the right place and handled the ups and downs, the  physical limitations and his lack of words with more patience than normal.  

We did have a good time and will always remember eating fresh peaches on the beach while watching the sunset.  Maybe we appreciate things like that more when they are a little more trouble.



Arlene G said...

I am so glad you made some sweet memories Michie. I admire you tremendously!

Jan M said...

I always find the beach and ocean a great soul soothing escape. I am so grateful you took the dare and enjoyed some different scenery. Prayers continue as you and Rex adjust to msny changes.

MLM247 said...

Go for it! Do it again somewhere else, because now you know how. Rex has a health problem not a coffin. Bad things happen to good people, but that is not meant to be the end of all effort. He really needs some adventures at this point. Of course it is hard, difficult, and it feels bad, but that is only your temporary reaction. You both deserve to continue LIVING.

Caroline's seamstress said...

I am so glad that you took some time away. To me beach time is just the best mind cleansing and relaxing thing to do.

TerriSue said...

Oh Michie',
It sounds so good. In my marriage it is my husband who is the care taker. I know that I can be quite trying at times. I cannot tell you what it means to me how he puts up with me, for I can be quite trying. I am housebound and after awhile I can get snappy. So glad you got out.

Patrice said...

I've been wondering how he was doing and saying prayers for both of you. Sounds like you had a nice time.:)


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