Thursday, May 17, 2012

How Durable Is Smocking?

"Let them eat broccoli!" would be an appropriate title for this blog!  Yes, we let the babies play outside, eat, and act like normal kids in their smocked outfits!  The smocking is durable and washable and I want these clothes worn out with love and memories.

I like to tell a little smocking story for those who are hesitant about the durability of smocking.  When Anna was in kindergarten I smocked an insert for a sweatshirt with gingerbread men on it.  She LOVED that sweatshirt and wore it at least once a week to school during the winter.  The next year it still fit so it was worn over and over once again.  The next year the sleeves were short so she slept in it occasionally.  She really loved that shirt!!!!  I finally handed it down to a friend and although the sweatshirt was looking worn the smocking looked brand new!



Angela Lee said...

I was the same way when mine were little. And I still have quite a few put up for the future grands! I love that pattern. Is that one of yours?

Jan M said...

So true! I often shared one of my son's smocked baby outfits during smocking classes, to illustrate just how durable and timeless smocking can be. Class participants were often surprised to learn how old the outfit really was.
Precious dress and granddaughter!

Goosegirl said...

I so agree! My girl plays hard in her smocked clothes! The nightgowns and jammies get worn even longer and washed even more and they still hold up great. The definitely hold up and look fresher longer than cheaply made discount play clothes which look worn after the first wash. So, the extra time taken to smock and hand make garments is a cost saver in the end as well.

TerriSue said...

I always let my children wear their smocked clothes as much as they wanted. If they were for a special occasion they were kept for it, but when it was over they were up for grabs. I had not put in all that time to have them hang in the closet. I just wish I could get that across to my daughter now. She saves back the clothes I make for my grandchildren because they are special, and they might get to wear them three or four times before they outgrow them. Frustrating. I have reminded her of how much she enjoyed wearing her's, but it doesn't seem to matter.

Saint Nolt Sews said...

My daughter has been know to climb trees, ride bikes, and dig in the dirt in her dresses. My neighbors are "aghast" at what I let her wear to play in, but she is little only once. I have made tons of dresses and she has only torn one and removed buttons from a couple. The smocking never wears out.

Anonymous said...

would love love LOVE a post about inserting smocking in a tshirt or sweatshirt. My son is too big for jon jons but not for smocket tshirts.
I recently tried to insert in a tshirt but was not pleased with the results. I'm sure you have some great pointers!!!


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