Thursday, October 20, 2011

Smocked Puppies

This picture was suppose to be of the little smocked romper that he wore to church Sunday, instead it is of his favorite toy, his feet. I think that he has springs in his legs!

So if you want to see the romper it has to be on a hanger, not on the boy. The romper is made out of blue and white Imperial Broadcloth. I had not thought of using black and white gingham for the piping until I noticed a scrap on the cutting table. That is when not having a neat cutting table pays off! :)

The smocked puppies are Ellen McCarn's "Dalmatian Puppies."



janie said...

ADORABLE!!!!! I am just now getting back into smocking and sewing and I am getting frustrated. I am having trouble being able neatly attach my piping to the top and the bottom of the smocked piece without flattening out my pleats or them shifting. I used to do lovely work and now my pieces look messy. Can you tell me how you attach your piping without shifting or flattening the pleats? My email addy is

Thank you! Janie

Anonymous said...

Precious!!I also am having problems with attaching piping please share your suggestions.
Sometime earlier you mentioned giving directions on how to sew tucks straight. Did I miss that blog?

Carla Fiedler said...

Michie, What a precious boy! Your work is beautiful!

May I add my 2 cents for applying piping? I sometimes use the double sided water soluble tape that quilters use to keep my piping in place on pleated fabric. Other times, I use the API water soluble fabric glue. Lately, I have kept that top pleating thread in place until after the piped seam has been sewn. It helps to keep the pleats where I want them. To reduce bulk, then, I grade the seam allowance. Hope this helps! Carla

Anonymous said...

Precious baby boy and outfit!

Anna said...

Oh how I love the black gingham piping on this ! It's the perfect pop of color.


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