Monday, September 26, 2011

A Fall Romper For The Girl

I can't believe that fall is finally here and the babies are going to need clothes for the cooler weather. This romper made by pattern #103 has been part of my Trunk Show for several years and it was a happy surprise the 12 month size is just what Emma needs.

The twill fabric is a nice weight for cooler weather and pleats up nicely. Some basic geometric two step waves were all that was needed in shades of green.

I have had several of you ask about the fabric used for the diaper shirt in the previous blog and Stephanie was kind enough to leave a comment with the information. Thank you!

Stephanie said...
I bought some of this fabric at The Square Quilter in Shiner, Texas. Their phone number is 361-594-8022, and their web address is When I bought it, it was on sale, and she said she still has some.


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TerriSue said...

oh michie', i love the colors in this romper. i can just see sweet little emma wearing it. i hope you post a picture of that. i can't get enough pictures of either one of them.


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