Friday, February 18, 2011

Sizing The Pleated Piece For Smocking

One of the mysteries for smockers is learning to construct the garment after the smocking is completed. It is very important to size your pleated piece correctly when tying off.

For this garment, the smocking will be attached to the bottom of the front yoke. In the picture you can see the front yoke, the piping that I will be using, and the smocked piece. I carefully measured and tied off the pleated piece before smocking, but got so excited about smocking that I forgot to take a picture!

Right sides up, and matching the centers, the piping is then pinned to the smocked piece. The piping should fall right above the first row of smocking.

I like to use my 6 groove cording foot since the tiny piping fits just right into one of the grooves! The stitch is lengthened to about a 3.5 to attach the piping, then back to a normal stitch length when the yoke is attached.

I hope that these pictures have helped solve one of the mysteries for you!



Unknown said...

Oh, Wow. I never would have thought to use a foot like that. I got my feet out and looked at them. My cording foot won't work because the cord has to be inserted into it and it goes through this little tube like area on my foot. But it will work on my pintuck foot! I have been struggling with my zipper foot. And I have to say that I hate the zipper foot on my new sewing machine. It snaps on and has 2 sides to it that you can attach it on, and the foot part never seems to go far enough to one side or the other to really do any good. I wish my old machine foot would work. Oh, well...... Thanks for the tutorial.

Esther Conrad Grant said...

Very nicely done. Beautiful pictures, and, of course, gorgeous work!

gloru said...

Thank you for the tutorial, very helpful. I will tray.


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